2023 Spring Update

Quick update.

Busy remodeling this duplex and…getting over a pretty bad April. From computer crashes to COVID to running out of money and all kinds of fun other things. But the spring rains are here and things are coming together…I think.

Because, it started with a bad battery….then my laptop keyboard stopped working. Then the AC adapter. Then I took it into the shop and they had to replace the wifi card as well. $500 and a new motherboard later, windows stopped working. So I had to format  and start over, despite trying to avoid that because it was still stalling everytime onedrive would upload. Then, One drive decided not to work and keep not working, re-uploading the same 800mb video from 7 years ago on the farm, over and over again. Then I got that all fixed after hours…

Then my keyboard stopped working. Then this other computer…then the internet wifi in my house…then…

The month of Hardware Failures! (Is this all due to sunspots and solar storms spewing out radiation? Because I heard that’s a real thing…)

Anyway, I’ll be speaking online for a conference held at LCC International University in July on the meaning of life and language, then traveling to Belgium to speak on a panel at a research convention for ICA on something to do with cooperative economics.

The Routledge Handbook to Cooperative Economics and Management was accepted, so now we’re going through abstracts. Busy times.

My monograph Religion and Cooperatives is still being written. It may actually not be the Palgrave series “Religion and Power,” but might appear for Rowman and Littlefield’s “Religion in the Modern World” series. But that’s currently being negotiated. I’m not sure how much I care; I just want to get this project out there and be done! (Since I re-wrote the first three chapters three times…)

Bunch of book reviews have been published, and I’m reading three really awesome books for the future. I’ll post all that later.

All of that is exciting, but I’m actually looking forward to these three encyclopedia articles the most (due in October), which will be fun territory to cover (social history, economic history, etc.).

Several friends have gotten cancer. I said to Jessica today in the car, “you know the boomers are getting these kinds of cancers…but we’re probably going to get new kinds of cancers by the time we’re their age.” Never have been a very good optimist.

I also don’t know yet if I will be back to teach at LCC International University in the fall, but currently being discussed.

I’m actually watching TV. Lord of the Rings (new series), Fleabag and soon Breaking Bad. I’m just catching up with the rest of the world I guess…

Rapid City now has a decent bakery (The Sour). That’s where my extra money that I don’t have is going.

Time to finish this second letter in Esperanto in a desperate attempt to actually learn a second language well before I head off to the grave yard. (Do I really have that man years left?)